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  Mayet General Trading LLC: Brands & Products

MAYET General Trading LLC, is leader in technology innovator in electronics, information and communications products, And largest reseller of Multimedia Products, Computing Assessories and Power control systems.

Since its inception in 2007 we have strictly followed the principles of fair dealings, customer services and innovative approach in business execution. Due to adherence to these principles our customer base is ever widening. Today, throughout Pakistan, the dealer-customers & corporate / institutional clients have unshaken faith in our supplies & services.

We now have broadened our market base and crossed the World where friendly business communities & customers were long since inviting to join them.

We market what we import and the products that we represent. Our customers/clients include dealers & institutes such as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, universities, multi-national, Government & semi-Government offices. This means our target is both wholesale & retail. Certain items we import require distribution through dealers’ network with warranty, where as many other products are for direct end-users with service backup guarantees.

We take pride in representing some local & International popular brands:

XPOD | Stabimatic | Blue Deep | Tenda | Totolink | Adata | COBY

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