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Blue Deep
Blue Deep is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs andLED lighting. We are uniquely positioned to innovate new ways in which lighting will serve as a platform for emerging technologies and capabilities that will enrich lives, improve society and safeguard our planet.

5 -18 Watts
8-50 Watts
7-12 Watts
SMD Led Light
COB Downlight
Open Surface Light
3-Option Color
5-7 Watts
5-7 Watts
Led Batten Light
LED Tubelight
LED Tube
35-45 Watts
T5-T8 Type
4 Ft Fitting
Mist Fan
Solar & Rechargeable Fan
Solar & Rechargeable Fan
Rechargeable & Solar
16-18" DC / AC
12-14" DC / AC
Main Products
LED Bulbs
LED Tubelight
LED Batten Light
LED COB Surface Light
LED Open Surface Light
Solar & Chargeable FAN
LED Panel Light
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